Our Story

Leanwords is an independent, grassroots platform connecting communities with concise information on topics relevant to the African diaspora in Canada.

The topics include: community engagements, policy issues, as well as local and international newsworthy events.

We hold our content and services in high regard because we appreciate the need for the African diaspora to own a space that encourages engagement and connects with local communities, while promoting the African identity.

Our value to engagement with a wide network of actors within the African society extends from the orthodox online presence into a physical component that collaborates and is actively involved in grassroots initiatives.

Why Leanwords?

Leanwords was birthed out of a necessity to connect African communities to our realities in the diaspora, and to convey information about these realities to the international community.

What is the vision?

Our vision is simply to provide concise collaborative and original content to promote the identity of Africans in the diaspora.

How does Leanwords work?

Leanwords is a detailed summary of the vital highlights of an event or issue. We identify a relevant topic, research and investigate its multi-facet accounts – making sure to take into consideration the supporting and opposing elements, and finally construct concise and easy-to-understand content on that topic.

How do we identify what is important?

Often times, popular content does not translate into important content. We appreciate that every event may be important to differing individuals and communities. However, the decision on what is relevant to cover is centered around the intensity of an issue and its potential to impact on a larger number of people.

Behind the scenes

Founded by Adeola Onafuwa in 2014, our growing success and increasing audience inspired the need to expand and provide diversity of content to a larger black community. In 2015, Lorne Powell joined Leanwords as a co-founder in a rebranding effort that would promote wider collaborations with other Africa-centric initiatives.