The Democratic Republic of Congo signs deal to protect rainforest

The Democratic Republic of Congo has the second-largest tropical rainforest

The Democratic Republic of Congo has signed a $200 million deal to help preserve the world’s second largest rainforest.

The deal was devised by Germany, Norway, France, the UK and the EU. In return for successfully implementing sustainable development policies and reduce carbon emissions, the DRC will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in carbon credits.

The money will be used to reduce slash-and- burn farming practices among those Congolese who live in the forests, develop less wood dependent energy generation methods and educate local populations about the importance of protecting the environment.

There are roughly 155m hectares of rainforest within the DRC’s borders. While deforestation is moving at a much slower pace than in other countries like Brazil or Indonesia, it has been ramping up due to illegal logging and an agricultural practice known as shifting cultivation.

Progress of the policy implementation will be monitored and there will be a full review at the end of 2018. If donors consider the progress too slow, they will be able to then cancel their funding.

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